If you watch a lot of film essays, then you've probably heard the complaint that visual comedy is something of a lost art nowadays, with most mainstream comedies opting instead for jokes done strictly through dialogue and improv. So, let's look back at one of cinema's greatest visual comedians and see where he found his visual comedy.

For educational purposes only.

Jacques Tati imitates English and French police officers- http://bit.ly/T7eD5t
Cine Regards interview w/Tati (1978)- see the Criterion edition of 'Monsieur Hulot's Holiday'
Marcel Marceau- "The Mask Maker" (1959)- http://bit.ly/2gDmmEA

Further Reading-
Things Fall Together by David Cairns - http://bit.ly/2gbc4j4
Composing in Sound and Image by Jonathan Rosenbaum - http://bit.ly/2h70G7h