My name is Andrew Saladino, and I'm a Dallas-based filmmaker, writer, and freelance-editor. The Royal Ocean Film Society is my video essay series devoted to the style, craft, and analysis of everything film, and has been featured on Indiewire, SlateNo Film School, Wired, One Perfect Shot, A.V. Club and The Playlist It was birthed out of the countless late-night conversations and fiery debates held at the film society my friends/partners-in-cinematic-crime and I run, and since I never went to film school (actually, that's not true- I dropped out after one-and-a-half classes), it's just as much of a self-reinforcing educational tool for my own benefit as it is a creative outlet for a wider audience to hopefully enjoy and also benefit from.

The series does not have any set-in-stone goals, however the topics and directors I wind up writing and talking about are typically ones that are overlooked, underrated, or just plain ignored by the more popular film-related video series on the Internet. Although the series is geared more towards film-academics and burgeoning filmmakers, it's my intention and desire for any and every video produced to be clear, concise, and thought-provoking for all audiences watching (and can I say that I want them to be fun, too?). The film-related video essay genre (can we call it a genre?) is blowing up as we speak and there are lots of wonderful videos being made by wonderful people, however there is an equal amount of generic, poorly researched, and just plain dull work as well. I've found that the best strategy in steering clear of the latter is to always work towards establishing a specific and often tangible takeaway for each video- usually intended for filmmakers. It's just about the one and only mandate I have, and I don't intend on ever doing anything contrary.

[unashamed self-plug] - If you or someone you know is interested in photography/videography/editing for advertisements, events, or custom projects, please visit the Contact page on this website and/or email at royaloceanproductions@gmail.com (resume/demo reel available on request). I'd love to chat with you!

Cheers all! Hope you like what you see here.